Best Zombie Games For PC

Best Zombie Games For PC

best zombie games for PC

So you want to play the best zombie games for PC then? Well, read on, because I have the best ones for you. Zombie Killers is probably one of the scariest games on the market right now. I love it too. And you should too.

Zombie Killers is a first person, open world “survival” adventure game about surviving in a city after being turned into a zombie. If you thought zombie games were all about blood and gore, then you will be very wrong. It’s about the most exciting genre on the Internet right now. Diving into the action is very exciting because there are so many different zombie killing options and game features.

Zombie Killers is like playing the popular video games we all know and love except in this case, you are the last man standing. There is a strong emphasis on player vs. zombies, making each scene and level unique. You also have a wide range of optional objective based challenges as well. The storyline is very lighthearted and a lot of fun. The day-Z style gameplay heavily involves survival, but it is not so heavily focused on killing the zombies that you will become bored. And if you are not careful, you will run out of time before having to replay a level.

As the last man, you are equipped with only a shotgun and a hatchet. You will need to find food, water and shelter while fighting off the zombies depending upon what level you are on. You can help each other and make it through as long as your hatchet does not break. There are several different types of obstacles including bridge jumps, fence falls, car crashes, gas station explosions, electric eels and other dangerous situations. You also have the option of destroying the zombies depending upon which level you are on.

If you like the undead games that you played when you were younger, then you will enjoy Zombie Killers. But if you are looking for something a little more adult, then look no further than the highly-anticipated release of Left 4 Dead 2. Both of these zombie games are very engrossing and contain several different scenarios and endings. The zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 are much more advanced and the storyline is much more intricate as well.

Zombie Killers and Left 4 Dead 2 are definitely two of the best zombie games for the PC that you can play today. The game developed by the team of the same names is very thrilling. I am sure that you will be addicted once you get started. You will be able to kill the zombies and stay alive. That’s why I would recommend both of these games to everyone.

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